What you don’t know can hurt you!

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Some folks don’t even know when they have a mold situation in their home. Over period of time they may become habitually ill with odd illness ranging from coughing to rashes to stomach discomfort and even emotional discomfort. Others may notice mold in the house, yet suffer no or different symptoms. Each person’s reaction to mold will be different. I know this firsthand.

Years ago I was living in my brother’s over the garage apartment. There was a slow toilette leak that we finally fixed. We never dried the water that had leaked inside the walls and under the floor. after I had lived there a year I developed a chronic reoccurring Bronchial chest cold that went on for years. I would get what seemed to be sinus infections and bronchitis about twice a year. It went on for several years. I could hear noises from my lungs when I lay down at night a wheezing and whistling noise. After frequent reoccurring colds I would have a lingering deep cough that often lasted 4 and 5 months at a time. The sickness was always lingering and my lungs were never really clear. I began to become concerned. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with me. I even asked for chest x-rays. The sickness lasted for several years until I moved out from that apartment. That’s when it went away.

I always wondered what was wrong with me back then. Several years later I married a Mold expert guy. One day he was in my brothers Gurage and he noticed a big black mold spot that begin to develop on the garage ceiling (under the apartment I had lived in.) The mold was so bad that My brother he had to hire a Certified Mold company to remove it. That mold had developed from a very small toilette leak. The water leak had fed the growing mold inside the walls and under the apartment floor with no visible signs inside the apartment. Such a little thing as a small toilette leak that didn’t even look wet from inside the apartment was the culprit for my illness. I had noticed that my illness got better after I moved out of the apartment but I never realized the connection until the mold was found. The Mold clean up coasted my brother’s insurance company many thousands of dollars. They even had to replace structural beams that had gotten ruined. All that damage was hidden for a long time. That was my first real lesson about what a little water can do to one’s home.

The longer moisture sits and soaks up into the structure the wood, carpet, and walls and floors the worse the damage becomes. Unfortunately, when it comes to water intrusion you can’t see and feel how wet it is. It may take specialized equipment to locate the water that has seeped or leaked deep into the structure. If you ever have any water intrusion, leak or flood in your building you should only call an certified water restoration company to evaluate the damage. If the premeditators that you are dealing with are not certified and using commercial state of the art equipment they will not be able to dry it properly and can actually cause a worse situation for you. If the structure doesn’t dry out properly mold may begin to grow inside the walls and under the floor and like my brother’s apartment did. you risk getting sick.

Once when visiting a friend, I heard her 5-year-old child had a deep chough. It reminded me of my cough when I had that previous mold problem. I asked my friend about it and she said her son had been constituently sick and had a chronic cough The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong with the child. I told her my story. The next day they had the child’s bedroom checked for mold and water damage and sure enough his bedroom was contaminated with mold that developed because they did not dry a roof leak properly. They had just patched the roof up and let the carpet in the child’s room dry by using a fan. Like many other people they didn’t realize that they needed an expert to dry the area and mold developed. As soon as the moldy carpet and pad were removed the child was healed.

It is important to remember that removing moldy structures and carpet require very careful removal procedures because the mold is actually invisible and the spoors will travel through the air if not contained and disposed of properly. Call Clean steam USA. We will recommend someone qualified for a free Inspection.